Directed, filmed, and edited by Becky Lamich in 2015


Miles is a documentary about a transgender man studying at Towson University. His dream is to become a counselor and help other LGBT youth and share his own personal experiences. Throughout his transition, he faces the challenges of coming out to his family and peers as well as navigating love and relationships while transitioning. He often overcomes the obstacles of bureaucratic red tape while trying to legitimize his identity. Many laws and protocols in the state of Maryland as well as all over the world make it difficult for transgender individuals to legally change their name or gender marker.

This was my first ever documentary, created for a class my senior year of college. I fell in love with the rawness of documentary filmmaking. Even though cutting footage feels like telling a lie, there is an undeniable quest for truth in a documentary. It felt like the best way to merge my skills in digital media with my desire for social justice.