On the streets of Barcelona, the most visible yet invisible immigrants of all struggle to survive through illegal street selling. Victims of relentless racism, persecuted by the police, and silent for many years, they have finally found a voice and created a union. Their demands are simple: more understanding, more awareness, more dignity. Our documentary follows their struggle.


Co-directed by George Brereton, Francesca Romana Degl’Innocenti, Aisha Doherty, John English, Julie France, Tom Garner, Clelia Goodchild, Leanne Hayman, David Innes, Becky Lamich, Prunelle Mathet Girardeau, Toulla Mavromati, Cynthia Parker, James Phillip Royle


Created in 2016

This was my first experience living abroad. I traveled to Barcelona, Spain to work with OTOXO Productions, learn documentary filmmaking, and focus on social justice. The team and I were responsible for all aspects of the film including heading out into the streets and finding a topic for our film. Working with an incredibly marginalized group of people had to be done with sensitivity and flexibility, there were many days we were unsure if the film would actually get done. But in the end, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I believe our film is powerful and impactful. I am proud to have been a part of it. 

El Peso de la Manta (The Weight of the Blanket) is currently screening in festivals all over the world and therefore is not available for public viewing just yet. Please enjoy the trailer, some photos, and for more information and updates follow the film at www.facebook.com/elpesodelamanta

Media Features:

Guide Doc, Reflect on borders: Three documentaries about migration, March 2019​

The Culture Trip, The Fight for Freedom on the Streets of Barcelona, February 2017

New Internationalist, ‘More understanding, more awareness, more dignity!’, August 2016

Tv3, Presentació d'"El peso de la manta", July 2016

La Directa, 'El peso de la manta', May 2016

Zibaldone, Quanto pesa una “manta”?, May 2016

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