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I am a documentary filmmaker and photographer with a passion for social change. I have created documentaries for social justice and non-profits in both Barcelona, Spain and Chiang Mai, Thailand, always with a focus on human, environmental, or animal rights.


With an educational background in both film and women's and gender studies, my main focus is utilizing my practical skills in video production to bring awareness to human rights issues and ethical injustices. I truly believe that the only way the world can heal and experience true peace and love is if those of us with privilege reach back to help those in need, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or species, so that we can all move forward together.


I have been in love with photography and video for a long time now. I believe these mediums, with the right vision, are a catalyst for change. They are powerful tools to tell stories, raise awareness, educate, and show humanity, culture, and life in a beautiful and honest way. And ultimately, bring us all closer together, as one united people.

While I have experience in commercial work, marketing, and narrative film, my passion and drive lie in documentary film, video and media production for social change. My technical skills lie in directing, cinematography, photography, and video editing. 

Currently, I am based near Baltimore, Maryland but I am available for travel worldwide.